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I have not used REW for quite some time but with all the new features, I decided to recalibrate my system. I had no problems in the past with the older versions but cannot get the new version to work. I'm using an ECM8000 mic with an Audio Buddy power supply for the input and HDMI for the output which is different from how I use to do it. In any case, I get an -18 Db overhead when I check the level but when I measure, it gets to zero shortly before the end of the signal. I have tried everything I could think of for the last three days including searching the posts on this site and scouring the web for quick and easy guides to using REW but all to no avail. I have just reached my end point and hope this doesn't turn out to be a simple answer because I already feel stupid. :surrender:

ANY help will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you.
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