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We've talked about using various brands of closed cell expanded foam PVC sheets for making DIY projection screens in many threads here, I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread just for discussing these materials.

These sheets are know by a number of names, and while there are subtle differences between them they pretty much all serve the same purpose for making screens and the deciding factor of which to use will be local cost and availability.

The common brands are:
Sintra, Komatex and Celtec.

There is a post on another DIY Screen forum saying that Komatex is made and imported from overseas and Celtec is made in Mexico. This is untrue. All of these sheets are made in the United States.

Sintra is made by 3A Composites USA Inc.
http://www.tri-dee.com/Sintra sheets information.htm

Komatex is made by Kommerling USA, Inc.

Celtec is made by VYCOM
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