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Compression drivers

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I am building some tower speakers. I am going to use 1 jbl 2226 and 1 2206 with a compression driver. In your opinion who makes the best compression driver for hifi? I do not want tweeters.
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Not sure yet. The room is approx 24 x 15 with vaulted ceilings at the ridge of 16' +/-. What angle horn do you recommend? The sitting distance will be approx 12' from screen and the tower speakers will straddle the screen.

I found these cheap so I purchased them. You'll have to scroll down the page in the link below to see them. On another note I am not very experienced with horns at all. However, I have one in my JBL pro center channel and fell in love. In car audio I always used MB Quart hard dome tweeters before they moved production to China.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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