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After much wailing and gnashing of teeth I got my sub setup!.. I live in a 65 story concrete tower. My next concern are the folks that live below me.. Or at least i think someone is down there. Anyway I have gone into the adjacent room that shares the wall and or floor with my sub. I can not feel any vibration in the wall (can only hear very very little). Hear and feel nothing in the floor. Why the room behind? Simple only place I could go that is quiet (or very reasonable so with the sub operating). Since I really can not hear or feel any vibration in the wall / floor am I correct in thinking that little to no bass would be resonating through the structure to the floor below? Or do I need to do this when the doorbell rings =>:hide:

Cast reinforced concrete, like ICF construction, is a pretty good isolating medium/environment.

One way to get a rough idea of the sound transmission characteristics of the floor is to go into an adjacent room while the sub in playing and put one ear to (or laying a microphone on) the floor while using a muff or plug to minimize hearing the sub with your 'free' ear. Its certainly not perfect, but it can give you a rough idea.

May I ask what prevents you from putting on a 'heavy bass' source and going down and knocking on the neighbors door and checking with them? You just might make a friend or at least find one who may be amenable to your listening at certain times if the sound transmission is excessive to them - and a compromise may be achieved allowing you both to be happy.

That is certainly a much better way to anticipate and alleviate a possible misunderstanding rather than after you have created an objectionable situation and you are trying to negotiate with them, the landlord, &/or the cops at your door!
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