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Ok I'm totally confused and looking for some more advice on this. I am looking at turnign the pair fo 15" Rockford Fosgate 15" sub woofers into HT. Now, I was told it would be a decent DIY compared to some commercial applications, and I have been told it would be garbage. So looking for more advice. I am looking at getting either the EV CP 2200 or the QSC PLX 2502 to power it. I am planning on using 1" mdf for the box. I was pretty definite on doing this but now im second guessing myself. Here are the specs for the drivers I currently have. I think if anything I can upgrade to the IXL 15's. I am really confused on what I should do.

Unfortunetly sense I am a new member I can post a link to the specs on the sub woofers so the following information follows

Fs: 27
Qms: 6.05
Qes: .56
Qts: .51

Vas: 3.147 FT^3
Mms: 12.16 oz
Rms: 9.70
SPL: 88
BL: 25.5 T-m
Sd: 122.5 in^2
X-max: .55"
Pe: 600 watts RMS 1200 Peak
Nominal Impedence (2) 4 Ohm

these can also be found at rockford fosgate under T115D4 is the model number. Anyway I hope some one can help me on this. Thanks
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