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Console buttons do not work on my WS65315

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The only buttons out of the 9 total that work on my WS65315 is the format & menu button. Every other button does nothing when pushed. Volume, channel & power can still be used via remote control. I have a feeling my 2 yr old has pushed some sequence of the buttons :paddle: & now I have no clue on how to make them operational again. Thanks for any suggestions on this. Dave
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Could be bad switches. I am not aware of any way to disable some of the switches and not others. There is an option on some Mitsubishis to lock the entire front panel, but it would not allow any controls to work. It is released by holding the menu button for 8 secconds, IIRC.
Is this something easily repaired by a DIYer & where is the best place to locate replacement parts? Eventhough it's not an issue with the performance of the TV, I can't seem to get over the fact the buttons do not work. Of course depending on price & relative ease of replacing it, I might be able to get over it quickly. :rofl2:
Additional searches indicate a stuck or faulty switch as you suggested. It seems the power switch is the culprit. Rather than replacing just the switch, I'd like to replace the complete FCP. It is part #935D7400 however searching that P/N so far has only given used units for auction. Is there a good reliable source for new assemblies? Thanks Dave
The only place that you will find the control panel or other parts new under the Mitsubishi part number is directly from Mitsubishi. The switches can be purchased from them as well, and can also be found generically at suppliers like Mouser or DigiKey. You will have to match them with careful measurements if you don't get them from Mitsubishi.

I would not buy a used board as it may have switches going bad as well. If you replace any, replace them all. Or you can try to get the board from Mitsubishi.
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