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The information that I can find on the company, Consumer Priority Service, is mixed. Some of the reviews on the web, IMO, are obvious shills, as are some of the posts that were made in a thread here that was removed. We had several posters who were posting conflicting information and multiple links that indicated that they were trying to promote the company, and two of them had the same ISP. The usernames were the same as some on other sites giving them good reviews. We do not tolerate this kind of spamming. I have not yet found any servicers with any history with them. I would recommend caution and require much more information confirming the performance of this company before doing business with them. At this point, they do not even deserve a listing in our vendor database, in my view. The company may be a legitimate supplier of extended warranties, but there are enough questions to merit concern. The BBB rating for them in the New York area is D-.
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