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Convergence Kit for DP15 and DP15E differences?

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You have a PDF listed on the "CRT based RPTV Convergence Repairs" thread for the DP15 but not one for the DP15E. I have been checking my service manual that include the 53UDX10B, 61UDX10B, 43FDX10B, and the 43FDX11B. I know that the convergence boards are different between the 53/61 and the 43. The 43 convergence board pn is JT22051 and the 53/61 convergence board part number is JT22053. According to the PDF for the DP15, it shows to change out RK42, RK46, RK50, RK54, RK58 and RK62. These resistors were identical in value between the 53/61 and the 43 in the service manual. Is there any difference between the DP15 and DP15E for the parts in the X480295 kit for the 53/61 and the X480296 kit for the 43? The reason I ask is that there are not too many places that carry the X480296 kit and want to be sure I get one from a reputable dealer and also one that has the STK394-160E. BTW I have a 43FDX10B model.
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The pdf for the X480296 kit is now in the sticky.
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