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Converting 12db slope to BW Oct values I need for BFD

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Gallo Acoustics gave me the EQ curve used in their SA amplifier(used to drive the Ref IIIs second voice coil)

The center frequency is 28htz with 12db slopes. The amp has adjustable gain for the EQ, -3 to +6 db

How can I convert the 12db slope to a value for BW settings in my BDF 1124 I am waiting to receive

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The BFD doesn't have any shelf filters, so trying to create them out of regular filters would be quite difficult...
Hi Julien,

Since you can't get at it directly, you might have to do it by hand. I've played with that when trying to integrate my sub while the mains are on (a different approach than measuring the sub by itself and later integrating mains and sub).

I would suggest to make a house curve that meets your needs, then load it into REW. Then iteratively apply and tweak filters until you hit that curve. Last time I went around with this, I just ignored the REW predictions and set all my own center frequencies, gains and bandwidths.

Good luck!
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