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Coolant queston

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My hitachi 43fwx20b red is off. I have removed it and there is a coolant leak. I'm going to repair this. is this the cause of the bulb not working or just part one of the issues i'm about to encounter?
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It is very unusual for these tubes to leak coolant. Where is it leaking from and has it leaked onto the circuit boards?
None leaked on the boards luckily. It was leaking from the little rubber piece on the top. It looks like someone did a coolant replacement on it and had that boot flipped inside out. i just compared it to the others and it was flipped. Now I need to get some more to refill it. Then I have to track down why the red gun was off.
I have never seen a reason to replace coolant in a red crt on a Hitachi. It is likely that there is more to this story...you may have a can of worms disguised as a RPTV.
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