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Crackle/Fuzz Distortion with Gizmo 1.0M

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I recently purchased the Gizmo for use as an amp for my PC desktop setup. It's driving a pair of Energy CB-5s coupled with an Energy eXL:S8 subwoofer.

Now, for the most part it sounds great, except I can hear a bit of what I can only describe as a crackle or fuzzy distortion at certain times. I read through a few threads, and I'm wondering if it might be related to the issue with the voltage being input to the Gizmo? I'm feeding the Gizmo via my internal soundcard, an HT Omega Striker 7.1. I have no idea what the output voltage is with that card.

Is there any other cause I should be looking at? Should I look at some external DACs rather than using the internal soundcard?

Edit: Also, unrelated, it seems like the bass is a bit too loud. Unfortunately, on the eXL:S8, the input that bypasses the sub's internal crossover also bypasses the sub's volume control (weirdly), so I can't adjust the volume on the sub itself. The sub's crossover tops out at 100Hz, the same frequency the Gizmo's fixed crossover operates at, and I assume it would be sub-optimal to have two different crossover operating at the same frequency? Would the bass control on the Gizmo be a good way to address this? Should I just EQ it via software on the computer?
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Glad the distortion issue is gone.

I use my sub's xover in addition to the Gizmo filter. The sub always seemed more noticeable to me if I let it play everything the Gizmo was sending, so setting the sub's over to 110Hz seemed to give me a good blend and eliminate those higher frequencies that were drawing attention to the sub's location.

I never received any confirmation the the Gizmo's high and low pass filters are 12dB/octave. I came to this conclusion based on spl meter readings of some test tones I ran. I suppose it's possible they're an even shallower slope that I thought at 6dB/octave. Either way, there is still material above 100Hz being sent to the sub. Adding in the sub's xover helped in my case.
Frank - I never realized you were looking for this info. It is 12 dB per octave.
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