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Crayon on the screen, what to use to get it off?

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Our soon to be 3 year old put two lines of crayon on the screen of our 53" Sony RPTV. Before I make it worse by trying to clean it off what do you think would work? the screen is made of some sort of plastic so I dont want to use something that will damage it.

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I would try some warm water and very mild soap and a very soft cloth. If that doesn't work try some cleaner made to clean tv screens......http://www.techlore.com/article/10066/How-to-Clean-Your-TV--Computer--or-Laptop-Screen/
Yup, she is a VERY busy little girl. The warm water and soap worked! Got it all off without any damage.
I would go the opposite way from warm water. I would get some freeze spray and freeze it and see if it flakes off.
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