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Hi hello,

this is my first post here, after reading through some of the threads here it seems like a very nice to be.
After trying several fabrics and failing to find something usable in the size i wanted for the money i wanted to spend i decided to paint my wall to get a screen in the dimensions i originally aimed for.
I own a Benq MP730 DLP Projector (2200 ANSI & 700:1 Contrast Ratio) and use it in a very dark enviroment.
Last Weekend i painted a 110 x 69.6 inch sized rectangle on my dark red Wall. After painting several Layers the Image looks pretty good, though i feel i could improve the experience.
After looking around for commercial screen paints (screen goo and the likes) and not wanting to spend 300$ for paint in a place i might not stay forever i found this here and the threads about Black Widow and Cream and Sugar.
Since i'm living in Europe, i might have a hard time finding the paints used in that mixes. Also i'm not sure how high the costs would be and the amount i would need.
Considering all this, what would you all recommend i do? Should i try to find some equivalent paints here and experiment with them, would it really make a noticable difference in my setup?



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Welcome to the Shack Suntander! Good to have you here. :T

Auto Air does list a Germany dealer on their web page.


I'd think you could have Auto Air Aluminum shipped to you fairly cheaply. As for the base it is a color identified as S0907-y70r in the NCS. So getting Black Widow would be easy for you. And your pj, with the current screen size, should be bright enough at 40fL.

As for C&S, we have yet to figure out an international version for harp's mix. I believe Robert_1967 has been doing some searching for a suitable substitute for Craft Smart Silver Metallic. But nothing has been found so far.

Each 240ml bottle of AAA should cost around 8 euros, IIRC.
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