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CD Player: Sony 5 disc changer model CDP-CE15
But mostly I use EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and rip my CDs to PC first to get error free digital playback better than any high end CD transport is capable of (all realtime CD players will generate some errors)

Amps: Onkyo TX-DS787, Jolida SJ-502A (missing it's tubes, looking forward to listening to this some day, I miss my old Dyna integrated amp from the '70s), a couple Sonic Impact T-Amps, and the most recent addition: a Sure Electronics 4*100 watt @ 4ohm, TK2050 D-class Audio Amplifier Board - I need some kind of volume control and a good power supply for this - I'll prob. try listening to this using my PC as the "preamp" and a notebook PS just to test it out.

Headphones: AKG-340 - the only combination electrostatic + dynamic headphones in existance AFAIK. I don't have a seperate headphone amp yet, may build one at some point. Currently, I plug them either into a the headphone jack on one of my recievers, or, the headphone jack on my SGI Polk active stereo PC speakers. (The ones that came w/the SGI Visual Workstations).

Speakers: this is constantly changing, but I have a pair of Zaph Audio BAMTMs (sealed), some cheap old KLH 3-ways, and the rest are prototypes, some from Ohm Acoustics ( http://www.ohmspeakers.com ). I've got a few different subwoofers I've built. At this point, all my subwoofers have 10" drivers, one of them has a custom proprietary driver, another has the CSS "Subduction" 10" XBL^2 driver with two of their 10" passive radiators and a HPSA1000 plate amp in my own enclosure. One of my subs is in a sonotube, and another is one Ohm used to sell. Recent speakers I've been playing with (making prototypes) use Peerless HDS Nomex woofers ranging in size from 4" - 8", and some of the buyout Exodus EX-6.5" woofers.

Though I do try occasionally, I don't really enjoy listening to music on stereos anymore - I'm hoping to change that by building some excellent speakers. I did used to LOVE listening to music on my stereo, before I lost the cheap old 1970's system my dad gave me when I was 8 years old. That was a Gerard turntable, a Dyna integrated amp, and a pair of "db" brand 2-way 8" paper woofer + paper cone tweeter bookshelf speakers. It may not have been "audiophile", but it was fun, and pleasing to listen to unlike 90% of the high end $2,000 + speakers I've auditioned over the past decade or so...

Recent speakers I DID enjoy: Revel Salon Ultimas, Ohm Acoustics Walsh 2000
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