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Hi There

I apologize ahead of time for starting this thread if this question's been answered before but I couldn't find it.

I'm about to buy a calibrated Dayton EMM-6 microphone from Cross Spectrum and I'm looking at either the Basic Plus version or the the Premium Plus varieties. The non "plus" varieties are out of consideration because they lack the 45/90 degree response calibration which I understand is helpful with REW. So the differences between the two plus models is that the Premium Plus is also calibrated for Polar Measure, Noise Floor, and sensitivity. Now from what I can tell those extra calibrations aren't needed to run REW. But since I'm already spending the money is it worth the extra money for the extra calibrations? What are these other calibrations generally used for and could REW make use of them in the future? I'd hate to regret in the future not have gotten the premium model but of course I don't want to spend the extra $15 on the Premium Plus if it's not something I'd ever use.

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