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Hmmm, seems like the challenge is at least as big as I thought, probably bigger, what's life without a challange. I'll look for a pre made cross over for the Peerless, I can get a 2 way from a locally made kit, but from all the info Ive read so far a 3W is my goal.


DANGER Will Robinson DANGER pre-made crossover sighted DANGER

You will do yourself a great disservice by using a pre-made crossover. Pre-made XOs are designed with no specific drivers in mind, typically using textbook values and assuming drivers with purely resistive loads and flat frequency response. It would be a lot cheaper to throw a series cap on the tweeter, perhaps with a resistor to pad it down, and the result would not sound much different.

A proven DIY design will have a custom XO that matches the drivers' frequency, phase and impendence responses to yield a flat FR and impendence with minimal phase shifts. Same with a custom kit; build a pretty box that fits the design's requirements and the visual appeal is all you, but the sound is crafted by someone who knows what they're doing.

Also, if you're goal is a 5.1 set-up, you don't need a 3-way. There are a lot of very good 2-way design that will get you low enough to merge with a subwoofer. In fact modern drivers have response and distortion levels to make excellent full-range 2-ways; I rarely run my sub because I built my NatP MTMs so they have bass extension into the subsonic range. It's your call, but it's also 1/3 greater cost and complexity that I only see justified if you have extreme power needs or a really big room.

Have fun,
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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