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Crown XLS1000 Drivecore

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Anyone have a Crown XLS1000 Drivecore or another in the series? I was looking at this amp to drive a pair of subwoofers. Pros, cons?
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Hey Jack,

I had a CDi1000 that I just sold. I dumped it because I use a dbx Driverack 260 for PEQ/Xovers. However, i replaced it with a Crest CA6 and noticed an immediate improvement in texture and sound. I have to reset the levels this weekend, but the increase in clarity and definition was audible.

One testing site mentioned that some one of the Crown amps with processing on baord actually inverted the polarity of the signal, so be careful with that as well. I'll try to locate the reference shortly.

The Pros are that the amp did get fairly loud, though not as loud as the Crest does at the same wattage. Also, the fan in the rear rarely kicked on during normal usage (1-2 sessions at 85-90dB). However, I used this for music, not HT. The other Pro is that it's super light compared to the Crest. However, that's not a concern of mine given it's in a fixed installation.

I don't know about the Drivecores, but the CDi series is hecho en America, which was something I was seeking as well, if it means anything to you.

Anyway, I wasn't a huge fan of the sound. Kind of flat, lacking oomph. I'm not sure if I can attribute that to the switching power supply or not. The CDi series used Phoenix/Euroblock connectors. I hated them.

So, there ya have it. Though not apples for apples, it's my $0.02 (ok, maybe a little bit more). :)

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Here's the site I was referring to. Actually I misquoted. It was a phase shift, though it's possible that there was no detrimental impact. The site isn't really set up well to display the three different rounds of amp testing they did, but there are over 50 amps with power and some distortion results, and maybe 20 with full reviews.

Ok, so, here's a post I located because I'm actually curious about the emptiness I felt from the bass I got out of the CDi. I noticed in the CDi, the power supply filter capacitance was fair. The switching supply is supposed to compensate for this, but I have my doubts. Anyway, I believe the CDi had about 27k uF of caps in there. This post with photos of the Drivecore XLS1000 and there's appears to be only 4.8k uF.


Again, I am not stating that the lack of filter caps is responsible for what I heard, however, it's an interesting observation nonetheless.

Edit: Any reason you're not going with the Berry EP models? I believe they are in the same price range.
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hey I use 4 of them in my ht what do u want to know
A year ago I did care. Went a different route so now I don't. Thanks though.
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