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Crown XLS1000

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Is this a good amp to power a subwoofer? I hope so cause it's coming in the mail soon. About to order a Reckhorn B-2
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15" Cascade Design Omega playing with WinISD right now. Guessing around 5 cu.ft tuned to 26hz with 2 4" vents? I'm pretty open to box size I have plenty of room. The box just has to fit through a door and up stairs.
Sub is 2000 RMS 4000 max. This is what I came up with and how do I post A project file? That is with two 4" ports.
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Save the project you are modeling in WinISD, then upload it here.
I saved it On WinISD and when I go to search for it where the driver's list is it isn't there. But when I start the program I can find it in there. I'm not too sure how to make that work. but these are the parameters you help me find on Steve Mede's page.

Woofer Size 15"
Fs 37Hz
Revc (ohms ) 2.00
Vas 65 Ltr
Xmax (mm) 19
BL 24
Qms 3.19
Qes 0.45
Qts 0.39
Sensitivity 1W/1m 92 dB

Magnet Diameter 9.0"
Coil Diameter 3.0"
Useable Throw 3.0"
Continuous Power 2000 W
Music Peak Power 5000 W
Mounting Depth 9"
Circle Cutout 14"
Overall Diameter 15.5"
Bolt Hole Circle 14.75"
Motor Depth 4.5"
Basket Depth 4.5"
Displacement 0.21 cu. ft.
Weight 62lbs
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when I go to Winisd it doesn't have a projects folder only Driver and crossover. I have to be dumb. Let me look through it again. I go to program files. Linearteam-winisd-that's where it ends and I can't find a projects folder but it is there in the program itself. when I open WinISD and open project it shows the file being there with Drivers and crossovers. But when I go there through Program files it dosn't exists. and I can't copy it from the program and drag it to the desktop. Its quite fustrating.
I saved it. so its under projects through the program. but when I search for it through program files the Projects folder isn't there. I don't know if its because I have window's Vista or if I'm lacking intelligence to do a simple task lol.
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