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I'm thinking of pairing the Crown XLS1500 Amplifier with my Sound Splinter RL-p15 D2 in Bridge-Mono, 4 ohms 1550W mode.

Would you consider this to be a good pairing? Anyone with experience with the XLS Drivecore Series amps?

The Crown tech support were really helpful and gave the following advice:

So lets assume the RMS is right in the middle, 750W. The program power would then be 750W * 2 = 1500W. Now I look at the amps we have and find that the XLS1500 can supply 1550W into a 4Ohm load when the amp is bridged. Seems like a good match.

If you feel that the speaker should be RMS rated at 1000W, then go with the XLS2000, which can supply 2100W in bridge mode.
Really appreciate any comments.

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I have some experience with older Crown amps, and Currently have a pair of Behr EP4000s..

I don't have personal experience with the Drivecore series - but I think that's probably a good pairing. I'd probably use it in bridge mode so that you'll get some extra headroom...

I think it's hard to go wrong when using a pro-amp with subs.. since subs tend to be power hungry.

I think that the XLS1500 should be fine. Seems like excursion tends to be the limiting factor before power handling is.

One page for the SoundSplinter RL-p 15" Dual 4ohm states "The Premium 15 is available in dual 4 and dual 2 voicecoil and will reach full excursion in most applications with between 600 and 700 watts. "
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