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After my dissapointment with the Behringers, I returned them and got a set of Avenson STO-2s which come as a matched pair in a nice little wood case. They're cleaner and quieter which is great for me since I do recording work.
IMO you ought to be ******** exstatic at ~$550 a pair. Did they come with cal files down to 5Hz???:whistling:

Back on topic:bigsmile:
I've yet to delve into fullrange speaker design but I do like to measure subs, so the cal down to 5Hz is right up my alley. My pockets are lean but this looks like a great deal. Could you expand a bit on what were getting, is it SPL and Phase? And I'm curious about your reference and it's "traceability?" If you could PM me a total price shipped to ZIP 43081...
1 - 1 of 212 Posts
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