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CSS SDX 10 Sealed Project with BASH300 amp

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:help:Looking to build single CSS SDX 10 Sealed. It will be for music, not too loud. I would like to keep it as small as possible on the driver side. It can be taller than the driver (any height), and deeper (any depth), but it must be as 'skinny' as possible on one side. Any design ideas? I will probably put some acoustic foam inside. I've dropped the tiny 8" driver idea for obvious reasons.
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Sounds great! I haven't measured it yet, and I want to try it with maybe Kef Q100's instead of the overkill Infinity P363's, but very happy. Just enough power for the room where half volume is what I want :)
Nice finish job on the enclosure, skinnydoggy! I have a ported SDX and was very happy with it, especially for the size. White is a bold choice, but I'm sure you're making it work in your location!
very nice, and that white pearl looks perfect.
I have decided to port this. Since it is almost exactly 44 litres, it’s a great candidate. Would I be better putting in one 3 inch port (6 inches long) or two of them? I’m new to the port thing. I’m gonna put a bash500 in there too ?
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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