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I've purchased a Tempest-X2 to go into a 2.1 system for my computer. Since the sub is going to be on the floor at a nice kicking level I'd like to get a steel grill for it if possible. Does anyone know of a place that makes custom round grills for subs, like this:

I'm not a fan of the waffle pattern grills available at PE, I prefer the small round holes patterns. Also, I'd like it to have a circle of mounting screws, rather than 4 "clamps" to hold it to the front of the enclosure. I don't need it to fit the mounting holes of the Tempest. If I could get one with an inner diameter of 16" and bolt it to the front of the enclosure that would be good too. The problem is this thing will need to be 2" deep to clear the excursion of the Tempest. Any ideas?
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