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This IS the ultimate home theater subwoofer under $6000. Four of these handle the low end for the entire Omnimax Theater in Chicago! In room with a Behringer EP2500 I have measured over 129db at listening position. The power is endless. This is the fastest, cleanest, loudest (BRUTAL IMPACT), and tonally accurate subwoofer I have EVER heard. I have had many subwoofers and there is simply no comparison. You cannot buy a better home theater subwoofer. Extremely efficient and realistic.

Headroom is the keyword here.

This is a LARGE subwoofer. With regards to that, this item is pickup only. You will need a big van or pickup truck to haul this beast.

Specs are found here.

If you are reading this ad, you have heard the hype surrounding this engineering masterpiece.

Asking $2300 including the Behriger EP2500. To but this equipment new would be over $3500!

45 x 34 x 25 are the dimensions.

Here are some reviews from an AVS forum GTG

I can email pics if requested. I am located in Central IL.

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