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Dayton 15" DVC in modified Adire box

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Hey yall

This is my first DIY speaker. I based the design on the Adire Tempest Adire Alignment plans (214l tuned to 15.4 Hz). I moved the driver to the front of the cabinet, 3" from the top because of space limitations (natural problem with this sub). I also moved the cuts in the braces to accommodate the change and keep the volume exactly the same. This has all been on paper so far. The MDF is all cut into rectangles, ready to be further mutilated.

So here's my question: I got to thinking that the driver being so high (2 ft or so) was a bad idea because the box might tend to wobble and lose efficiency due to some sort of lever effect. I put the driver up there so animals (and eventually maybe kids :dontknow: ) couldn't get to it. Is it better to have it 3" from the top or 3" from the bottom? It will be spiked on carpet.

Thanks in advance!
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I don't think there could be any loss of efficiency or whatever. You just need to make sure the sub will be balanced once on its feet. You might consider placing the sub with an angle from the floor so that the CG of the box gets more inside if you find balancing problems (am I saying that correctly :dontknow:).

Regarding the 3" on top or bottom I am not sure I understand as well (you might want to post a sketch??)... but I can say the lower the sub, the more you will benefit from coupling with the floor, and that might increase output... So it all depends.
Thanks, that what I understood from your post. So my comments remain the same :)
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