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I need a sounding board and am not sure if anyone is familiar with these systems or have advice on which I should consider. I'm currently in an apartment with the living room being roughly 15' x 13'

I'm currently using Mirage Omnisat V2s which I'm going to sell or use as a spare system in my bedroom.

I found a used Axiom system for $700:

Pair of M50 v2 towers
VP100 Center V2
pair of QS4 V2 surrounds
EP350 subwoofer

The alternative would be closer to $1K from HTD new:

Pair of Level 2 towers
Pair of Level 2 bookshelves
Level 2 center

I already have a subwoofer (12" Dayton Reference) so it's not a big factor either way.

Any advice is appreciated - to confirm my max budget at this point is $1K - but anything I can save is beneficial.
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