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So, I have a room that is currently about 50% HT, and 50% storage/computer work area. It will eventually be 100% HT.
The room is 13x23x7.5, but is not a shoebox as the furnace/water heater space intrudes into the left rear corner. The room is drywalled but untreated acoustically until I can get the non-HT stuff out of the room. The front wall is the short wall, and the doorway into the room is approximately in the middle of the back wall (no door).
Currently, I have Klipsch Heritage all around, Chorus II mains, Quartet surrounds, and Academy center. I also have a KSW-10 sub, which, considering the $50 I paid for it, is fine, but is not up to the standards of the rest of the boys.

I have acquired 4 Tempest 15" drivers, used but in fine shape, and the original plan was to put a false wall in the front of the room as the backwave space for an IB using these drivers. This is probably at least a year from realization, and may never come to pass.
In the meantime, however, I'd like to use some or all of these drivers in enclosures. I have a BFD, and will buy amp(s) as appropriate.

And so I have decisions to make, and would appreciate guidance from you experienced subwoofer builders here at HTS. (I did some fiddling in WinISD, but all I really managed was to confuse myself.)

Should I go with one big box front and center, with 4 drivers, or 2 smaller boxes with 2 drivers each, (and they could be in an isobarik config), or 4 boxes with 1 driver each? (Or I could get silly and have 1 box with 2 drivers, and 2 other boxes with 1 each.) Or any other permutation possible with 4 drivers.
And then there's the sealed/ported decision.:explode::surrender:

Space (read: enclosure size) is not really an issue, but I am a bit cramped along the back and on the sides until the other stuff in the room goes away. Square or other polygon boxes or sonotube would be fine.

Main goal: To have extension to low teens or even single digits at 105+dB. Lower is good, louder is fine but wouldn't get used very frequently.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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