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Sources presently are a Panasonic BD30 and Scientific Atlanta SA8300HD. An Oppo BDP-83 is in its box waiting to replace the BD30.

Projector is <cough, cough> a Sony VPL-HS20. Screen is SMX 100" wide 2.35:1. Video processor is DVDO VP50 Pro.

Pre/pro is Onkyo 885. Main amp is ATI 2007. And 8-channel balanced snake connects the 885 in the rear to the ATI and sub amp in the front.

LCR speakers are M&K S-150, surrounds are M&K SS-150 (configured as dipole) and rear surrounds are M&K SS-150 (configured as monopole). Subs - four - placed in pairs, one pair behind false screen wall and the other pair in the rear of the room. They are Hsu TN-1220HO each pair powered by the Hsu amp.

Outboard subwoofer equalization is SVS AS-EQ1, and an Audyssey Pro calibration has been performed on the system.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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