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Defnitive Tech Supercube Trinity or JL Audio F113

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I need some input on these two subs. I'm going to be using them in the same room, the theatre room, for movies, music. and video games. Any information helps thank you.
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Overpriced compared to Internet Direct subwoofers. Many people are buying their subwoofers from ID companies including SVS, HSU, Epik, Ed, Ascend, and others.

These companies usually have offerings that can get the job done for less than the store brands you have mentioned.

The issue for you is likely to come down to how big a box can you live with. For example, the Ed A7-900 is $2,500 delivered, however, it is also quite large at 26 X 50 X 27 inches.

Using a huge ported box, 2 times 18 inch drivers, and a 1300 watt amp, the A7-900 should easily fill a room of your size. Most likely, the box is simply much bigger than you want in your room.

Still, it gives you glimpse into one of the companies people are buying from.

A much more reasonably sized high performance model would be the SVS PB-13 Ultra.

Check the top unit from Epik. http://www.epiksubwoofers.com/porteddynasty.html

While the Conquest has not been taken down from their web site, there is a good chance it will not reappear, at least any time soon.
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Does anyone have thoughts on the SVs PB-13 Ultra?
One SVS PB-13 Ultra is enough for most medium to large size rooms. Dual PB-13 Ultras is a very good choice for a truly large room.
are the PC13 ultra's similar to the pb13 ultras??

The PC versions are tall cylinders, in the case of the PC Ultra, 46 inches tall and 16 inches in diameter.

The size makes them very visible in a normal room, (as opposed to behind a screen).

Performance wise, the PB Ultra and PC Ultra are almost identical, with a tiny edge to the PB.
I don't want to be far fetched in asking this, maybe its too broad, but what's the best subwoofer available for under 3,000

Strictly speaking, that is, picking ONE sub (as opposed to, say, dual PB-13 Ultras), I would nominate the Seaton Submersive. Which is about $2,125 delivered, plus a really good EQ like the SVS EQ-1.

Then too there is a new sub coming from JTR, a revised Captivator that is supposed to perform as well as the original model, but for half the price, and size. Target price is $998, plus an amp and equalization.
now this might be a retarded response, but I"ve looked up club/party/DJ speakers too. Just becase they are always so more powerful than home stuff (at least what I've heard, which probably isn't much) Why is that so?
Pro subwoofers aren't designed to go much below 40 Hz, and they tend to use horn (designs). That's why the box is so big.

Just so you understand. There is a trade-off. You can get very high output from a pro design, but you would be sacrificing response below 40 hz. In nightclub setting really deep bass doesn't matter. But output at and above 120 db in the mid-bass is just fine in a night-club setting.

Even with all that a few people use pro subs with a lot of equalization (for the frequencies under 40 Hz). This can be an adequate solution if the size and the ugly build quality of those subwoofers does not bother you. Other people wouldn't be caught dead with a huge box with carpet as the finish.

Here is one that you might think about. No one at the AVS Forum had any interest in this because it doesn't directly compete with in-home subwoofers.


If you want to waste some money give one a try and then start all over.
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If you are still shopping you hit the sweet spot when you asked about the best for $3,000. As has already been suggested, 2 SVS PB-13 Ultras for about $3,200 will fill a room like yours with power to spare.
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