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Defnitive Tech Supercube Trinity or JL Audio F113

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I need some input on these two subs. I'm going to be using them in the same room, the theatre room, for movies, music. and video games. Any information helps thank you.
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I'd start with one PB13 and see how that works. If you are still craving more, you can always buy a second. In your large room, you don't want to short change yourself, and should go for a large cabinet ported sub. The JL sub is amazing, but there is no replacement for displacement.
Basically size matters when it comes to subwoofers. A larger ported sub (SVS PB13) will more likely outperform a smaller sealed type subwoofer like a JL F113 when it comes to depth of bass. There are many reasons for this and it's due to the physics of reproducing bass. The SVS uses a ported (bass reflex) design which inherently produces deeper bass. The JL uses a sealed design (search for Acoustic Suspension loudspeaker) but needs more power and a very beefy driver to come close. Again, the JL is an amazing sub that uses superb engineering but it's like bringing the best knife to a sword fight.
Def Tech subs are not bad. They use a design called passive radiator design which allows some of the advantages of a ported design but with less cabinet size. My experience with the Def Tech is that they sound a bit less controlled (the bass notes sound looser rather than a tighter, more accurate sound), I don't think they are in the same sound quality league as the others based on my experience with the other Supercubes.

Because the Definitive uses multiple drivers aimed all around, I also find they seem to be very picky with where you place it as well

The other beef I have is that their specs have been shown to be too optimistic. The actual measured performance never lives up to the spec sheet.

If you can pick one up at a substantial discount (say 35-40% off), they would be decent bang for the buck still
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Agreed. I'd get a pair of PB13 Ultra if you can handle the two large boxes, if not then get the JL F113
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