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I doubt its a cooling problem but you can test with out having to buy fans. Just use a household fan like your typical vornado or lasko blower.

I am afraid if it was purchased from someone who purchased it in another Country, the AVR will not be covered under the Manufacturers Warranty as they can derive from the Serial Number where the AVR came from usually.
Moreover, most warranties are not transferable. It is the not being purchased new in India that will be most problematic as Denon tries to look out for their Distributors in each Country by not honoring the Warranty of those purchased out of the area. Never hurts to try, but I am afraid that Denon will most likely not honor the Warranty unless you went to Singapore. Do not think calling Denon Japan would help, but might not hurt.

Something suggests to me that he does not live in America or Europe. He seems to be describing a problem with his DSP, Logic Boards, and/or a firmware issue.
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