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I did have to opportunity to use a Denon 3808 and Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH in my set-up for a month or so while my pre-pro was getting a upgrade. I have to say that the 3808 was quite good but as recruit mentioned the sound was a bit softer than the Elite. My brother heard both too and chose the Denon which he still uses.

I would have to think the 4308 has a similar sonic flavor to the 3808.

I think it would depend on your system as to what you would like. My brother has older Klipsch Forte speakers which tend to like smoother sounding amps so the Denon was a perfect match for him. With my Von Schweikert speakers the Pioneer Elite gave me that extra snap that I like.

To be honest though I would have been happy with the Denon as well and I do think the Audyssey EQ is better than the Elite's MCACC EQ especially if the 4308 uses the XT version.

For 49% off it might be the right deal for you.
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