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Denon DVD-1930ci vs. Onkyo C-S5VL

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I've had the denon for a while now, but just picked up the onkyo for a ridiculous price. Which one would you guys keep? My wife won't let me keep both. I've read reviews of both and both are good.
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Welcome to HTS, Tweaked05!

I like the Denon, it has the ability to play DVD-A, uses Faroudja's DCDi processor for DVD, and has HDMI out.
Thank you tesseract for your input. Is there anyone else with an opinion on either of these players?

P.S. Why is the US model (black) discontinued, and the Japanese (Silver) model still for sale and what makes the Japanese model so much more expensive?
I likewise have been using the Denon 1930 universal player for many years. It has hdmi output and upconverts to 1080p which is good for watching dvds on my 46" lcd hdtv. It has a 24/192 dac so CDs have a nice sound, probably at least comparable to a budget stand alone cd player. I haven't tried sacds yet, as I don't own any. I've thought about a better player too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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