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Thanks again JohnM.

I can switch it to display input or output.Would the output level be a better indicator of the noise level?

I notice when I turn on my tv(older HD CRT)the noise level goes from -105dB to -96dB.I'm losing almost 10dB just to noise with the tv on!:unbelievable:

The DEQ manual indicates it has >113dB dynamic range with a balanced input.My lexicon MC-1 indicates a dynamic range of a minimum of 105dB.It looks like the noise level is about right minus the noise from the tv.
You mentioned noise. Turn off the CRT or any other television device as it emits a high frequency noise that the microphone will pick up and add a false reading to the RTA.

ECM8000 even my other microphone soundlabUD236 picks up the CRT when not viewing the LCD video projector.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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