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I have more questions about the two different Bash amps that I have found. These are the suggestions (from Mike P) I recieved for my project, and I plan on building this sub.

"The IXL 12.2.2 would work well in a 3.5 cu.ft. box and with a 500 watt Bash amp. The high pass filter on the amp would need to be changed to 18.7 hz, the default on the amp is 30 hz. With a slot port 3" x 6" x 36.75" long the air speed is under 26 m/s. The port would take up .5 cu.ft. SPL would be 109 db at 20 hz, plus room gain."

But I noticed two different 500w Bash amps online. One has more features built in (O Audio), but the other is the one (Parts Express) Mike P was thinking about when he modeled this design for me. My question is which one is actually better? The one from Parts Express I would have to make adjustments to, but the one from O Audio looks like it has a knob to do the same thing. Does anyone know if this is correct? Has anyone ever used either of these amps before that could give me some advice?

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