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Different kinds of amplifier technologies

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As there are so many different kinds of amplifier technologies why are some used more often than others. For example, Bob Carver created the Magnetic field amplifier I owned one for many years and it always worked flawlessly but why do we not see more of that type being made today as they did preform very well.
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Interesting you mention this. In Europe, they are enacting measures which make audio components consume far less energy. For example, energy hog Class A amplifiers will soon be banished along with high bias Class A A/B amplifiers. Instead, amplifiers are going to be mandated to use switching mode power supplies which are becoming more and more common already.

Class D amplifiers use switching mode supplies and there are variants of Class D as well. Bob Carver's Magnetic Field amps used a switching supply as well, but was not as advanced as the Tracking Downconverter which is the basis for all of his current designs. It seems he was ahead of his time.
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