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I've attached a basic layout of the room without dimensions. What do you guys think is the best way to achieve the best soundstage?
Assuming Dad doesn’t want to use the wall opposite the fireplace, and sit with his back to it, I’d use the wall where the sofa is now.

Do I assume that I have to run wire along the wall?
’Fraid so. I assume with a tile floor removing the baseboards is not an option, as it will mess up the grout. Your best bet is what Tony suggested, a plastic wire mold channel. Once you get the wire to the location where the speaker will be, you could transition to in-wall wiring at that point, but like Tony said you probably shouldn’t disturb the vapor barrier, but my understanding is that they're not essential in places where the temperature remains above freezing most of the time. Not sure what the situation is there in Oklahoma. There’s a DIY article about retro-wiring you can find in my signature that has tips for dealing with hard floors, should you decide to proceed anyway.

BTW, the wire channel may have an adhesive backing strip, but I wouldn’t use it. You’ll never get that stuff off the baseboard should the day come that you ever have to remove it. I’d use #6 screw to secure the channel to the baseboard. It’ll be worlds easier to patch a few tiny holes with some spackling compound and re-paint


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