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18mm MDF would be fine. For simplicity well call it 20 mm MDF. Internal measurements would be 3360 mm x 460 mm x 760 mm. That works out to 41.25 cu.ft. or 1168 liters. How far do you want to take this? You have enough volume and budget to create a real low end monster. Here's an example. A pair of IXL-18's in 800 liters tuned to 14 hz powered by a Behringer EP2500 would produce over 125 db down to 15 hz with room gain. And that's without the SVS PB13 Ultra. :blink: A pair of subs is $628.00


I'll guess a EP2500 is under $500 in Australia, and add $200 for everything else.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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