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Yet another project I have going on while I am awaiting parts.... This one is for my wife turntable in our living room.

I am in the process of building a sandbox out of Teak, and MDF. I am using 3 1/2" x 3/4" teak pieces of wood for the basic frame work. The plan is to make a MDF, or plywood base that would seal the bottom of the box off, and then attach that to a piece of slate. The top piece would be MDF with a 1/8" clearance all around. The top piece would have 1" holes drilled in it for tennis balls to rest in. I would make 2 of these MDF pieces with the holes lined up. The first one would set on the sand bed, and the 2nd one would be glued to a piece of slate that would be the size of the entire box. Once the first MDF layer is laid in place, and leveled the tennis balls wpuld be inserted, and the top layet of MDF, and Slate would be set on top of the tennis balls.

One other thing I am thinking of doing is... notch the rear corner of the platform for the motor on our Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Turntable. I am thinking that the lower piece of slate could extend far enough to support the motor assembly. I was thinking of building a platform of different materials to bring the motor back up to the stock height via glueing different materials together (or just build another platform, maybe of Teak, and or slate for the motor). My reasoning is that the motor would then be damped separately than the turntable, and the connecting area would be at least 3 1/2" below the motor just like the turntable is. This would give better isolation I am thinking.

Any comments or insight? I would eventually like to expand on this idea, and make a turntable stand that would have the arm, at one level, motor, and another, and the table on the upper most top portion, but for now I want to see how this idea goes.
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