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Well done every one there are some great setups here. I thought you may like to see my diy effort, I converted the back 2/3rd's of my double garage it took me approx 3 weeks and I managed to do every thing except the plastering. The screen is made from MDF and painted with a blend of 4 parts matt white paint and 1 part silver paint. The kit consist of:-

Lexicon RV8 Receiver
Denon 2910 DVD
Panasonic PT AE700 Projector
X Box 360
Rega Planet CD Player
B&W Nautilus 804 Font main speakers
B&W Nautilus HTM 2 Center speaker
B&W DS6 THX Dipole side speakers
B&W CDM1 rear speakers
Rel Strata 5 sub

I really would like to convert the whole garage but were do you put all the ****.



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Wow Movieman
It looks like a great place to escape. What do you have hanging behind the screen?

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Well done and you have an excellent setup in the garage. Could I make a suggestion? Just move your mains speaker out of the rear wall another 1 feet. As I see the the room is still big enough. Don't worry about sweet spot as all people in the room should feel the effect.

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Thanks guys
Tommy the rear speakers are there because this is a 7.1 system and the lexicon manual suggest that the back speakers should be approx 2-3 feet apart when used in a THX 7.1 system. Also there really is not a lot of options on that back wall due to the slope of the stairs in that back left corner.
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