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DIY Noob - Assistance Please

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Hi Guys,

I'm new to this forum, and HT but not new to audio. I have a few quick questions regarding a DIY Subwoofer Setup, Selecting gear and such.

Currently my home theater consists of a low end Sony Receiver... Soon to be replaced by an Onkyo 806 or Yamaha RX-V1800. Polk RTi8's and RTi4's for surrounds and I'm looking to upgrade my sub from the tiny 8" Sony that came with my receiver.

My question is mainly regarding an amplifier and setup instructions. I have searched and I'm looking into 2 separate styles of amplifiers... I was looking at the Elemental Designs LT1300, O audio 500w as well as a Crest FA901 and Berhinger EP2500/1500.

I'm not sure what subwoofer I will run, I have a few laying around from previous car audio installs. Elemental 16ov2, 4x EQHS12's 2 Adire Brahma 12's and a couple others.

If i was to go with the Berhinger or the Crest FA901 what would i require to hook the amp up to the subwoofer output on the Sony receiver. Would i need to run a BFD? Or would a direct connection suffice?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Elemental 16ov2, 4x EQHS12's 2 Adire Brahma 12's and a couple others.
Care to mention what the others are? We can figure out the best sub for your needs and take it from there.
There is a build here with the 16ov2 in a HT application:


If that size is acceptable we can easily figure out the sonotube dimensions. Which 16ov2 do you have, the D4 or the D2?

Since I'm in Canada, shipping on most behringer 1500s is over 100....
Remember that bringing electronics in from the U.S. usually means no warranty. Try axemusic.com for Behringer products in Canada. Personally I've never heard of "Gem Sound."
Here are the dimensions required for a 20", 22" and 24" diameter sonotube. Note the port is a 8 inch diameter sonotube. Disregard the driver specs in the bottom right hand side, that was a sub in the database that came with the program.

For a 20 inch diameter tube:
Text Line Font Parallel

For a 22 inch diameter tube:
Text Line Font Parallel

For a 24 inch diameter tube:
Text Line Font Parallel Screenshot

Your Choice! :T
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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