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I am selling my DIY screen.
I sold my PJ about a month ago and am now selling this as I don't have the room to store it.
It is a 1/4 pvc board....smooth on both sides.
It has gaffers tape for a border.
It has two base coats of Kilz2.
It has a neutral N8 + 25% polycrylic top coat.
It is able to be sanded if you want tp paint something else for a top coat.
*It is currently set-up for a 110" 16:9 image....but can be made smaller to any spec you want, it cuts fairly easily.

Pick-up will get two free mixes also:
A. BW....enough for one coat.
B. Cream&Sugar....enough for two coats.

$80 o.b.r.o. -- cost me ~$165(perfect condition)

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