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As odd as this may sound, some predominate HT Forum sites actually say they are 'for entertainment purposes only' and that anything in the forums are not to be taken seriously but as personal enjoyment and entertainment. When I was told that I was amazed, but then after thinking about it everything made sense. Unlike sites like that, we are not just 'entertainment'. Meaning we do take this seriously and our advise is legit and can be considered as the same you'd get if you hired a consultant. This isn't a game to us and we don't think what we present is strictly for entertainment purposes like other sites are saying. With that said... here is the DIY screen Index!

A work in progress...

The diy forum relates to all things diy - screen wise. Be it a frame for a commercial screen material, a question about laminates, or a request for what the experts think would be the best diy option for you.

Education and Screen Theory threads

Quick DIY 101- Some Definitions and Acronyms

Data and Testing Definitions and Intro - This thread deals with more of the science of color and how it applies to screens. It gets periodic updates.

Official Screen Recommendation List - These are screens that we have tested and recommend.

Data and Testing Definitions and Intro Discussion - Here you will find questions and discussions about topics and concepts in the main Data and Testing thread.

Gain and other confusing topics. - DIY like anything else brings up a lot of questions and sometimes even more confusion, even at times outright myths that over time people accept as fact because of how many times they have been repeated. Those topics are discussed here and it is an open format where people can ask questions of a more technical nature dealing with the science and theory of screens.

Neutral Grays and Simple Off The Shelf Solutions - This thread may sound more like a screen solution or application but it is more about neutral grays and why we should use a neutral over a 'color'. Within the thread there are some recommended screen options as well as plenty of example screen shots.

Spraying a Screen - This thread discusses spraying a screen vs rolling it.

DIY Screen Painting 101 - This is the main sticky thread going over the fundamentals of painting a screen. The information in this thread applies to both DIY and commercial screen paints.

Paint Variances - For those interested in DIY screens, specifically using paint for a screen, when dealing with common house paints there are sometimes issues with quality and variances from brand to brand, and sometimes even batch to batch. This thread discusses some of the variances being seen between different brands of paint and stores where most people would be shopping.

Inverted (Negative) Images and Uniformity - This thread will also be linked in under screen construction links but it is also good to have it here because it discusses a method for detecting screen imperfections that was pioneered here on HTS.

Exterior vs. Interior Paints - Exterior paints are not a good idea. This is why.

DIY Screen threads

DIY Grayscale and Gamut readings - Grayscale and Gamut readings from various diy materials. The first post contains a very good description of the charts. Probably the best way to display the performance, or in some cases the lack of performance of a screen solution.

DIY Spectrum Readings - Spectrophotometer readings of various diy screen solutions. Needs a description in the first post.

Black Widow PFG - the Presentation - Black Widow - World famous Black Widow screen paint.

Black Widow PFG - the Discussion - Black Widow - Discussion of the world famous Black Widow screen paint.

Cream&Sugar - an N9 reflective screen mix. - Home of the famous (soon to be world famous) Cream & Sugar screen paint.

Scorpion N8 and N8.5 - The middle ground between Black Widow (N7.5) and Cream & Sugar (N9).

The Laminate Screen Thread (Data and detailed information) - This is probably the biggest and most well known substrate on this site. Lots of information as well as screen examples are in here.

Working with Rough Walls... a Screen from Nothing - Can't find a substrate large enough? Walls too rough to use as is? Here is one way to deal with older homes and less than ideal walls.

DULUX Exterior Paint vs. Black Widow - There was a time when this was 'supposed' to be identical to Black Widow. Need proof? Check out the thread! :T

Laminate Showcase - As the thread title says, this is a showcase for those owning laminate screens.

The Silver Pearl - Prof's screen mix from Australia. :T

Blackout Cloth (BOC) and other Screen Materials - Still under construction but this thread is the main sticky that will be the landing thread discussing all material based DIY screens.

Simple Substrate Screens - This thread is still under construction. There are many different substrates out there and this will be the thread where they are presented.

Designer White vs. Fashion Grey Laminate - This thread is a comparison of the two most often used Wilsonart laminates, highlighting the pros/cons of each. This thread also demonstrates the importance of re-calibrating your pj for each screen, with an excellent explanation of why that's so. It's also a good place to learn the difference in performance of a white and gray screen.

Silver Fire Review - It's the rage elsewhere. Find out why it fizzles from an unbiased perspective. Silver Fire vs Black Widow - the background screen is the Black Widow.

S-I-L-V-E-R vs. Wilsonart Designer White Laminate - Two comparable diy solutions go head to head.

CGIV For mech - benven's last diy screen paint offering. Base coat was measured but the final outcome was never measured as we never received a sample with the topcoat. And the ingredients are not available locally to us.

'Pigment' Free Gray- Initial Development and Testing - Want to read up on the history of pigment free grays? The logic behind Black Widow? It's there.

Polyurethane and other misguided ponderings... - It's all the rage elsewhere. Not so much here. Find out why. This thread will have additional information and concrete data in the coming weeks (Jan 2010).

Other Black Widow Options - Black widow options with bases other than Valspar Ultra Premium Flat Enamel.

Miscellaneous threads

Spectrum Images

Further Investigations... - The Further Investigations threads are a good look at the thought process that goes on between us while we attempt to develop new screen paints. These no longer take place here in the main forum, just in the developer's forum.

Further Investigations Part II

Further Investigations Part III

A study of clears - part two - The link to part one is in the first post. This one is a bit more thorough than the first study.

gray balance before taking photos and GTI N8 - Want to know how to take color accurate photographs? Well read this thread then. :yes:

Black Widow - How does it calibrate? - How does a Black Widow screen calibrate? Very easily if the projector is dialed in! :T

Investigating Screen Gain - This is a great discussion thread on how to measure gain, including what you need and how to accomplish it.

Gain Readings - Gain readings for various materials.

Projector Central Calculator - Just enter your projector brand and model number and it will tell you what screen size you can get for your throw distance, etc. It also will tell you how many foot lamberts you will be projecting.

Links with cool tips and ideas.

THX Home Theater Display Setup

Projector Central PJ Calculator

Calibration guide for AVIA and DVE from RAM Electronics

Avical's DVE tutorial

Bruce Lindbloom's site - one of our favorite resources

Carlton Bale's Home Theater Calculator
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It's been a LONG time since I was a moderator here and doing screen development. I noticed a lot of the images in my threads are gone or water marked (thanks PhotoBucket!). I also noticed some of my posts were edited. I'm going to start going through and relinking the images and check the editing, but this is going to take a while, I had a lot of threads and topics posted!
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