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DIY Subwoofer: Would like some feedback!

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Hey guys. I've been around here before, but I've never really been an active member. I recently built myself a sub and I wanted to get some feedback from you folks. This project is done, but I could apply suggestions and advice to the next DIY I am planning to build for my brother-in-law.

Anyway...I love the way this thing turned out...it has a tremendous amount of bass and it makes me grin ear to ear every time I crank it up.

The stats:
TC 12db-500
115 Liter enclosure
Two 3" x 17" ports
Tuned 21.8 Hz
Walls lined with fiberglass batting
Butt Kicker Amp with 25Hz HP

One of my concerns was whether or not I should have used more internal bracing. Questions/Comments? Thanks for checking it out!!

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Thanks for the good woods guys!!! I appreciate you advice. I was thinking one more frame brace similar to the one at the bottom of the ports would have been helpful. I ran out of MDF and I thought...aaahhh go for it.

Germain: That is Rustoleum Flat Black Latex Paint. I didn't bother getting fancy since it is hidden from view anyway. I just wanted something to protect the MDF from humidity and such. As for sounding great....I like it, though you can see what I upgraded from in the first picture. Anything would sound good by comparison. I bought the db-500 because I thought it was a great value. I just bought TC's last one in stock because I now know it is a great value. I'll keep that one tucked away for a year or so until I start building a dedicated theater room.

WillyD: A few weeks ago, I posted pics over at AVSForum. You probably saw it there.

Others...thanks for the replies.
Hmmm, dedicated HT room and two db-500's, sounds like maybe a dual ported sub is right up your alley? for the future larger room of course ;)

Great job overall. If only my DIY projects looked so nice.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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