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Do-Able and Panasonic ax100u calibration anyone!

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Just curious if anyone has calibration numbers I can use for my Panasonic AX100u and my Do-Able screen! Thanks Adam
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The cheapest method would be to use the THX calibration. That's probably on several DVDs which you already own. Outside of that you can use Joe Kane Production's DVE or Ovation Multimedia's AVIA. I'd recommend DVE or AVIA.

As Leonard said, you cannot simply copy someone's settings and call it 'calibrated'. There are different factors such as bulb age, screen, and set up which can affect the result. It's best just to do it with one of the DVDs or hire a professional. A professional will go way beyond what you can achieve with those DVDs, but it will cost you.

Welcome to the Shack Adam! :T
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