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Do Not Make A Post That An Item Is Sold!!! How to edit and mark your item SOLD...

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Per our Classified Rules:

  • ***PLEASE MARK ITEMS SOLD! Please do not make an additional post to tell us it is sold, please edit your initial post.

When marking these items sold... DO NOT MAKE A POST!

Edit your original post with SOLD SOLD SOLD

This will keep threads from being bumped above other threads with unsold items.

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Re: How do I edit thread in classifieds?

Mark it SOLD SOLD SOLD by editing the post:

Text Font Technology Electronic device Line

Text Line Font Screenshot Parallel

You can also Go Advanced from the Edit and change the thread prefix to SOLD:

Text Line Font Technology Screenshot

Editing must be done within 180 days of original post or otherwise a moderator will have to edit it for you.
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