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Just had my Sony Bravia XBR55X900E delivered and I love the Picture but it's driving me crazy due to DD5.1 disappearing randomly. When it occurs I have to keep selecting different modes of Audio, Pro Logic, Dolby 3 Stereo, Stereo etc and then it pops back in. Sometimes it occurs when I hit pause or change channels. Sometimes I have to change channels to restore but it's a major PIA. I'm thinking it's the TV's Optical Output that's the culprit perhaps when it senses no audio it locks up.
My older system PreAmp was built befor HDMI so I have Blu Ray and Direct TV box using HDMI direct to TV and TV's optical out back to PreAmp's Optical in. Blu Ray player also had issues detecting DTS on Discs. I would usually troubleshoot by trying to bypass TV for Audio but it was professionally installed and all cabling is hidden.

Any Ideas, any help would be appreciated.

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