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Driver Suicide - Replacement Needed

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I had a subwoofer death in the family. My AE 15 inch driver killed itself watching the new Star Wars movie. I need to replace the driver and would like to know some opinions on a suitable replacement.

It is been a wile since I built these, but the box is between 3.0 and 3.5 cu ft. I am driving it with a QSC PLX-3602. (I actually have 4 15 inch subs in the theater)

The basket is the standard 15 inch pattern.

Is there a new preferred 15 inch driver for a sealed box available? I would prefer something manufactured in the US.



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Mark, what happened when it kicked the bucket? Was it being pushed really hard at the time, or just normal levels? Was it an instant and apparent failure, or one that came on slowly and got worse over time? If it was instant... what scene did it in?
Owen, I was pushing hard. But am not sure which scene did it. I noticed at one point a "clacking" sound, sorta like distortion and finished watching the movie with guests. Checked it out later and realized the driver was done.

I am looking at the drivers from Parts express. but was wondering if there is something better out there.
Hey Mark, sorry for your loss.

If all of your subs are alike, I would recommend getting that driver repaired. There are shops that can rebuild it...good as new. That way you won't have to worry about dialing them in with one having a different driver. I can't remember any of the people/shops that rebuild them...hopefully someone will chime in if that is an option for you. Or you could do a google search. Would probably be cheaper as well.
Hi, Ive been running the DAYTON ULTIMAX 15 pair but in a ported enclosure and have been very satisfied... The DAYTON HO series is also highly recommended... I built a 10" DAYTON HO sub and it puts out a substantial amount of low tight bass...

Not so sure I would use a 15 inch in a sealed box - too much compression at low frequencies....

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Exhaust all rebuilding options before replacement. Then possibly make changes after the autopsy.

Sorry for your loss.
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