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I am absolutely new to this area.

I am reading (and trying to understand ???) with great interest the manual on the REM (Room Eq Wizard).

I have a sound system including:

  • a mixer
  • 2 CDJ players
  • 2 active amplified satellite speakers with DSP (Electrovoice)
  • 2 active sub-amplified loudspeakers with DSP (Electrovoice)

If I connect a microphone with USB connection to my laptop PC with the REW application and I direct this microphone to my active speakers
with a pink noise as a sound source, can I, after analysis by the software, intervene on the DSP system behind the speakers, knowing that everything is
contained in this system (equalization, limiter ...)?

And if so, how?

Thank you for your response and your help.

Best regards.

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