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DSP1124 altered my phase

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Hi guys, I did back to back test with a coupler to bypass the unit physically
I had a reasonbly good response with no null without the dsp1124 in the loop. (Sub + L R)
Same test, once I added the DSP there is a null around 85hz and it is sharp. (No filters)

I know this is a timing issue, and I adjusted the subwoofer distance by 1 feet further to compensate, but this didn't help, I even tried adding 2 ft, 2.5 ft, or no addition. The void is still there more or less. Moving the phase knob just moved the null spot

However, after I EQ'd my sub on its own, the graph with sub + L R does not have any nulls anymore. I probably took away my 55hz peak that caused the null together with the L, R. But as I said above, without the BFD I don't have that NULL.

So as long as the EQ'd result was OK, do you think everything is good? It just means I just can't run the unit in bypass mode unless I wanted to listen to a void.
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It's certainly true the dsp adds a fixed time delay (as is typical for these kind of devices). I've measured it in the past although I can't remember the value. The normal approach is to adjust the receivers "sub distance" setting to compensate, if that doesn't work then something else is going on.

I didn't notice a graph of the null, but if the null is sharp as stated then it probably isn't audible. Your concern about running in bypass mode and being forced to "listen to a void" shouldn't be an issue.
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