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The default values for the amp are R17=10K and R18=60K. The closest to that from the boost tables is the bottom line of the "2db of Bass Boost" table. The HPF would be about 30 hz and add the boost. The table states the boost is 2 db from 36 - 40 hz. To add that to the modeling, add a Parametric EQ filter, input the "Center Freq" as 38 hz, the gain as 2 db and the "Q' as 1.2, as stated in the boost table. Do the same for a 24.3 hz with 2 db of boost from 31 - 35 hz. Check cone excursion with input power applied to verify the sub is within Xmax. You can try other combinations of HPF and boost to see the effect it has on the output of the sub.

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1 - 15 of 58 Posts
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